Intranox Stainless Steel Storage Solutions

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We design and manufacture integral solutions for wineries, dairy companies, oil companies, among others.

Plásticos, áridos y pulverizados

We manufacture customized silos for the storage of plastic pellets and all kinds of powder and granulated products

Quimica y farmacia

We develop turnkey projects for acids, gases, dyes, solvents, among others

The intranox model

Equipo profesional

Leaders in stainless steel

We design, manufacture and assemble storage solutions in stainless steel, unloading systems for transport and auxiliary structures

Experiencia certificada

Three decades of experience

Intranox has advanced technology, experience and knowledge of 30 years making stainless steel tanks in more than 100 locations throughout Europe

40 años de experiencia


We work in sectors such as oenology, chemistry or the agri-food industry: from plastic pellets, solids, aggregates, powdered products and granulates to raw food materials such as flour, sugar or coffee, among others

Precios competitivos

International prestige

Renowned companies such as IAC, Kellogg's or Telepizza work in their day to day with Intranox stainless steel tanks

Exigencia y confianza

Demand and confidence

We are leaders in highly competitive sectors and with the maximum demand from the end customer. The solutions developed by Intranox stand out for their quality, performance, profitability, safety and efficiency

Calidad de vida

Wide installations

We have an area of more than 30,000 m², and a height of 25 meters. This large space is specially designed for the execution and development of a significant number of deposits in our own factories

Intranox projects

Bernardo Ecenarro S.A

Bernardo ecenarro sa

Azkoitia - Guipuzcoa
Imagen cocacola

Coca Cola / COLBEGA Plant

Quart de Poblet
ASPLA – Grupo Armando Álvarez

Grupo Armando Alvarez

Reocín - Cantabria
Hacienda San Juan La Vaquería

Wineries San Juan

Saltillo, Cohauila