Intranox can create your customized stainless steel coffee silos to optimize your plant's storage space.

If you are a coffee manufacturer or you need to store large volumes of roasted, ground or green coffee in a safe, hygienic and comfortable way, at Intranox we can help you by manufacturing the best stainless steel silos for coffee storage.

We are specialists in the customized configuration of any indoor or outdoor coffee storage tank. We easily adapt to your demands to equip your silo with the necessary elements to guarantee its operability: automatic filling and emptying systems, flat or conical bottoms, CIP cleaning systems, weight and pressure sensors, ladders, hatches, valves etc. ....

We have all the necessary equipment to make your coffee storage system a reality.

Latest Coffee Silo Projects Installed

Technical Details and Features

These are some of the technical details common among our clients for this type of silos:

  • Walls, bottoms and elements in food grade 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel smooth or conical bottoms
  • Storage capacity from 5,000 liters to 500,000 liters.
  • Customized diameters.
  • Wall thickness of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, etc...
  • Load capacity up to 30,000 kg / h.
  • Access ladder to the upper part according to EU standards and regulations.
  • Protection piece and rail on the ceiling
  • Rupture disc
  • Possibility of incorporating ventilation system and agitator.
  • Double jacket if necessary.
  • nsulated walls
  • Outlet by vibrating cone or by fluidized bed
  • CEPATIC safety system against overpressure load
  • Mechanical safety valve
  • Insulation Technologies
  • Anti-dehumidification and anti-condensation systems
  • Sensorics for real time weighing
  • Equipment with vibrating cone or fluidized bed for complete product extraction
  • Inspection hatch
  • Also available with multiple extractions and can be customized to suit specific needs.

All our coffee silos are designed and equipped according to your needs and the space available in your plant.

They can be equipped to be installed either outdoors or indoors.


Advantages of Intranox Industrial Coffee Silos

All Intranox coffee silos are created individually.

In such a way that no two silos are the same. On the contrary, we specifically design the tank or deposit to your needs.

In addition, we only use food grade stainless steel to comply with the most demanding food regulations with the sole objective of guaranteeing the integrity of the stored raw material.

Even so, there are more reasons why you will want to count on our company's support to equip your plant. In particular:

Greater Resistance, Healthiness and Hygiene.

Thanks to the use of stainless steel, custom design and the use of high technology, we are able to create industrial coffee storage silos with high performance and longer life by being able to eliminate buckling, increase corrosion resistance and employ advanced welding systems.

Team with Three Decades of Experience in Advanced Storage Technology

At Intranox we have nearly 30 years of experience in the installation and design of Custom Silos. Our team of engineers together with advanced development systems is capable of modeling, conceiving and designing each silo according to the characteristics and elements necessary to give you a 100% customized solution to your requirements.

 We create Coffee Silos with High Quality Finishes

All our finished products are finished without roughness, with smooth walls that avoid the formation of seams, bridges, or irregularities where coffee can accumulate. This avoids storage problems, limiting hygiene risks and loss of coffee properties.

30.000 M2 of available facilities

We have enviable facilities in Spain that allow us to deal with any size and dimension of projects. In addition, we also do on-site work at our clients' premises. So rest assured that size, diameter and dimensions are not a limiting factor for us. On the contrary, it is a challenge that we will be happy to tackle.

Specialists in Turnkey Projects

We are experts at managing from start to finish any project in our clients' plants. We advise you from the beginning in the design of the facilities adapting to the available space and the requirements of the production process.

To do so, we take care of developing a visual project of how the installation will look like for its approval and start-up. Once this is done, we proceed to the manufacture of the equipment and its subsequent integration into your plant to ensure maximum operability.

Why Trust Intranox Coffee Silos?

We manufacture a wide range of silos for coffee storage.

Whether for storing green, roasted or ground coffee.

Thanks to our team of engineers, the experience of our technicians and advanced welding techniques we can guarantee a great durability and finish of our products.

In addition, we adapt all our tanks to the capacity and volumes and utilities to be given: storage, degassing or feeding of packaging machines.

This undoubtedly translates into greater peace of mind for our customers.

If you want to know more about how we can help you to design your coffee silos you can contact us through the web form or this phone number: +34 941 27 02 48

We look forward to your call.