We help you in the separation of solid substances from liquids with our stainless steel settling tanks.

Decanting is a physical process that relies on the force of gravity to separate different qualities of product or simply unwanted impurities contained in the product. Although decanting is a simple physical principle, having the right equipment in your plant is essential to guarantee a process with optimal results in the shortest possible time.

That is what we do at Intranox. Custom design the best decanter tank for your company.


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Technical Details of our Settling Tanks

Discover here the most common technical specifications of customized settling tanks.

  • Walls, floors and accessories made of food grade 304 or 316 steel.
  • Customized diameters, dimensions and wall thickness.
  • Storage capacity from 5,000 liters to 500,000 liters.
  • High or low level alarm indicator
  • Stainless steel ladders and hand rails.
  • Pressure valve for filling tube
  • Conical bottom or conical trunk
  • Insulation and double jacket for cooling or heating.
  • Built-in CIP cleaning system.
  •   Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor
  • Extremely smooth walls and seamless construction
  • High compressive strength
  • ATEX and CE compliant
  • Nitrogen injection ring and hermetic valve for conservation in inert atmosphere.
  • Decanting elbow for discharge inlet.
  • Level indicator made of stainless steel without adhesives or enamels.
  • Manhole with food grade gasket.
  • Stainless steel sampling tap.
  • Internal heating coil

What is a settling tank or decanter tank

A decanter tank is used to separate substances of different densities. For this purpose they are designed in different shapes and sizes depending on the materials or substances to be decanted.

The mechanism of action of the separation is the force of gravity. Thus, the elements that have a higher density are placed at the bottom of the decanter tank.

Generally, this type of tank is used for water plants, oil and honey decanting.

Main Advantages of Intranox Settling Tanks

Whether you need a settling tank to separate olive oil, honey, wine, water or any other liquid raw material, Intranox manufactures the stainless steel tank you need.

Our stainless steel settling tanks help to separate solids from liquids in a single continuous process using the force of gravity.

The main advantages of using our tanks made of stainless steel are:

  1. High performance separation due to customized design.
  2. Reduced energy consumption as no mechanical elements are used.
  3. Low maintenance costs due to the high quality finish, intelligent design and high strength of stainless steel.

Make the difference in your decantation process thanks to our tanks.

Why choose Intranox settling tanks for your production plant?

Solid-liquid separation is a very common process within the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Many of these processes are supported by mechanical elements and centrifuges that must be installed correctly to obtain the desired results.

Equally important as these mechanical elements are the dimensions and design of the settling tanks.

Depending on the type of liquid-solid to be separated, the design will have to obey certain characteristics or others.

Therefore, there is nothing better than 30 years of experience to know and know how to determine these characteristics.

That is precisely what Intranox offers us.

Our experience combined with our own team of engineers equipped with the most advanced design and production technologies to fulfill the needs of your facility.

At Intranox we conceive each tank as a new project. To which we give all our attention and resources: 30,000 m2 of facilities and 25 meters high.

Enough to produce decantation tanks of any size.

Now you know that to get the best liquid-solid separation technology you only have to count on Intranox.

Call us and make an appointment so we can advise you on your next project.