Ensure the proper functioning of your pumping system by using Intranox stainless steel balance tanks.

We manufacture balance tanks in a variety of sizes. Standard features of our balance tanks include a raised bridge to eliminate backflow, a sloped bottom, stainless steel legs with adjustable ball feet, and interior and exterior finishes.

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Features and Technical Details

These are the technical details of our Balance Tanks:

  • 304 or 316 stainless steel on all surfaces, bottoms and lids.
  • Diameters and dimensions according to customer's requirements
  • Capacity from 150 liters and up
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Flat or conical bottom
  • 4-5 legs, depending on tank size, with adjustable feet. Legs can include wheels for displacement
  • Top or side entry to tank
  • CIP systems for automatic or manual cleaning

What is a Balance Tank

Balancing tanks are an indispensable element to ensure the proper operation of pumping systems. They prevent cavitation by ensuring that the internal pressure of the pump is higher than the vapor pressure of the liquid being pumped, thus facilitating uniform flow throughout the production line.

This avoids energy waste and material fatigue throughout the system.


Advantages of Intranox Industrial Balance Tanks

All our balance tanks are custom-designed to meet the needs of our customers. That said, we only manufacture tanks in food grade stainless steel to meet the sanitary standards required for the production of products intended for human consumption.

You can rely on, from adjustable legs with wheels for easy movement to tank sizes or dimensions to meet your capacity needs.

At the same time and according to your requirements, our engineers will advise you in the tank design phase to achieve the optimal production conditions for your plant.


Why Upgrade Your Plant with Intranox Balance Tanks?

Intranox's experience in stainless steel extends beyond three decades. During all this time we have carried out turnkey projects for a multitude of agri-food, pharmaceutical and chemical plants.

This has provided us with a wealth of experience and a vast testing ground to test multiple balance tank designs and models.

For this reason, and because we have a team of experienced professionals equipped with the best technologies, we can say that your project is in good hands.

At intranox we take care of everything:


 From the initial design of the project to the final assembly. And If needed, we also coordinate with your engineering or do project management tasks.

Intranox will provide you with everything you need to successfully install your tanks.

If you want more information about our balance tanks, please contact us through the web form or the following phone number: +34 941 27 02 48

We will be pleased to help you.