Technical Office Department

Departamento de Oficina Técnica

Intranox has its own Engineering Department. A team of highly qualified industrial technicians and engineers, who work every day to offer the best solution and the one that best suits each client.

We are known for being a highly resolutive team with maximum adaptability. There are many projects that support us in this trajectory of more than 30 years.

We bet on professionalism and a job well done. We collaborate with other engineering companies in an active manner in the planning and development of projects, always with the purpose of offering our clients the best service.

In the technical department we work with cutting-edge technology, pro-enginering, xstell, CAD ... These programs allow you to visualize and simulate 3D designs with a very high degree of definition, which allows the client to know their project in the most realistically possible before starting its development.

We design the solution that best adapts to the client's needs