We Manufacture Stainless Steel Oil Storage Tanks

If you are thinking of investing in stainless steel oil tanks, you are in the right place.

In Intranox we are a specialized manufacturer of Stainless Steel Storage Tanks for the oil sector. We have the professionals, equipment and experience you need to equip your factory with total guarantee.

More than 4 decades of experience and dozens of projects in the sector support us.

Example of Stainless Steel Oil Tanks

We design, manufacture and install the highest range of varieties of tanks for the olive oil industry.

  •  Stainless steel tanks with inclined flat bottom,
  •  Stainless steel tank with conical bottom,
  • Stainless steel tanks with conical bottom with legs...


Or any type of stainless steel tank designed and manufactured in our facilities of more than 30,000 m2.

In addition, we customize every single tank according to the needs of our customers.

if you need oil tanks, Intranox has what you are looking for.

We are specialized in the design, manufacture and assembly of stainless steel oil tanks for the oil industry.

Providing the stainless steel solution that best suits the needs of each client.


Characteristics and Technical Specifications of our Tanks

  • Diameters according to the customer's specifications.
  • Capacity adapted to the customer's needs. It can be developed in the workshop or on site, depending on the capacity of the project.
  • Stainless steel quality: bottoms and lids 304 steel 316 surfaces.
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Flat welding
  • Up to 8 bar pressure
  •  Thicknesses according to design code: AD Merkblätter, API, CODAP, etc.
  • ATEX regulations
  •  High range manufacturing.
  • Manufacture of tanks for the olive industry.
  • Stainless steel tanks with inclined flat bottom.
  • Stainless steel tank with conical bottom.
  • Stainless steel tank with conical bottom legs.
  • 100% customized stainless steel tank.
  • Tailor-made stainless steel tanks project for the olive sector.
  • Tailor-made project, personalized according to the customer's needs.

Advantages of Intranox's Stainless Steel Oil Tanks

Our oil tanks represent the highest manufacturing standards available today.

Four decades of experience and the highest manufacturing technology allow us to offer the widest range of stainless steel tanks and reservoirs solutions for the oil sector.

Tanks manufactured with impeccable finishes and with the capacity to deliver and deploy them anywhere in the country, in addition to having a wide experience in export projects.

All our oil tanks have excellent technical characteristics and comply with international construction standards, so they offer you the maximum guarantees of durability, resistance and performance throughout their useful life.

And all this at a very reasonable price!

That's why we can boast in our tanks:

Experience and Modern Storage Technology

We are a turn-key project provider.

We offer all kinds of solutions in tanks for the oil sector, advised and professionalized by our technical engineering department formed by a team of highly qualified people with proven experience in the design of this type of tanks.

All our projects have a previous, very detailed and professional study of the needs of your plant to subsequently offer the solution that best suits your case based on criteria of profitability and efficiency.

Wide Range of Stainless Steel Oil Tanks Solutionste

From oil tanks with inclined flat bottom, conical bottom bench, conical bottom legs...

In Intranox, we design and manage the whole manufacturing process, up to its exact location.

Take a look at our projects to see some examples of our know-how.

We manufacture tanks to store all types of vegetable oils.

Durability and Safe Oil Storage

There are good reasons that speak in favor of Intranox's high quality stainless steel tanks: super smooth surfaces, seamless weld seams and the absence of dead zones ensure that the quality of the tank contents will never be compromised.

We are the safe bet to execute your stainless steel oil tank project.

We are the first choice, betting on quality in its development, as well as highly qualified personnel and proven experience in the management and development of this.

We are the first option, betting on quality in its development, as well as highly qualified personnel and proven experience in the management and development of this.

Besides, all our tanks stand out for their easy maintenance and quick cleaning. Because at Intranox we take into account every detail.

You will realize this when you clean the tanks for the first time, if not before!

Olive oil Tanks Tailored to Your Needs

Every project is different. We promote differentiation and customization at every stage of the process. You can order your custom tank as if it were a tailor-made suit - feel free to ask! We are happy to listen to you.

Custom Oil Tanks Specialists

Flexible, 100% customized, tailor-made designs ensure that the space available for your tanks is optimally utilized and that they fit your company's specific requirements like a glove.

We adapt the stainless steel oil tanks to your required layouts, fittings, pipes and valves.

Therefore, we are able to supply you with a wide range of stainless steel oil tanks with the necessary equipment:

  • Nitrogen injection ring for mixing batches of olive oil.
  • Thermometer

 Nitrogen injection ring and hermetic valve for conservation in inert atmosphere.

  • Decanting elbow for unloading.
  • Level indicator made of stainless steel without adhesives or enamels.
  •  Manhole with alimentary gasket.
  • Stainless steel sampling tap.
  • Internal Heating System
  • The widest range of capacities in two types of decanters:
  • Trunk-conical decanters.
  • Stainless steel conical bottom decanters with legs.

With positive effects for the storage of your oil.


Why Buy Stainless Steel Olive Oil Tanks from Intranox?

Stainless steel tanks and reservoirs are essential instruments to certify and ensure precise control throughout the oil manufacturing process.

It acts in a very direct way in the quality of the olive oil.

That is why it is very important to have the right olive oil tanks in your facilities.

You can entrust this job to Intranox, where we have a proven experience in the manufacture of stainless steel tanks and a team of people specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing durable, adapted and reliable solutions.

Do you want to know how we can help you? Leave us your details through the form or chat and we will contact you without any obligation.