Optimum Storage Quality in Stainless Steel Tanks at the Best Price

The needs of the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Dairy industries are demanding and high.

Intranox industrial storage tanks are designed for the storage of all types of products, liquids and solids, either in the production line or in the finished product phase.

For this reason, we manufacture stainless steel storage tanks for the safe and secure deposit of any liquid or solid in these industries.

In fact, we commercialize customized projects, taking care of everything from design and manufacturing to delivery and installation at the plant.

Discover everything we can offer you in Storage Tanks at Intranox:


Advantages of Intranox Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

This type of tanks are used for liquids as well as for solid products. Both for production processes and for finished products.

Among its main benefits are the following:


We manufacture tanks only in stainless steel

We manufacture fully customized stainless steel storage tanks with high resistance to corrosion.

The high quality stainless steel allows us to offer a finished product of great durability, resistance and strength.

Our engineering department is in charge of putting at your disposal all the resources so that the design of your tanks provides the best possible performance once they are put into operation in your plant.


Customized Storage and Process Tanks

Intranox designs, manufactures and assembles all types of stainless steel storage tanks, depending on the needs of each client.

We are committed to technology and innovation and it shows in the finish of all our tanks.

We put at your disposal a professional team equipped with the most advanced systems in the development of projects, programs such as pro- engineering, Xstell, as well as the latest 3D programs.

This allows us to provide each client with a realistic preview of their project with a high degree of definition.

This allows us to ensure all the requirements agreed upon in the technical phase with a high degree of precision.

Turnkey projects

Intranox takes care of everything from start to finish, from design to plant installation.

For manufacturing we have more than 30,000 m2 of facilities and a height of 25 meters, property of INTRANOX, which facilitates the development and execution of each project in optimal manufacturing conditions.

We have the latest machinery in the market for manufacturing and assembly.

The fact of having the technical office, factory and assembly team, facilitates the whole process of development and execution of the project, since we provide you with a single interlocutor for the development of the same, with an exhaustive knowledge of the moment of the process in which the project is.

From Intranox we provide you with a turnkey project, with a single interlocutor who informs you and offers you personalized and professional advice, throughout the development of the project from the design to the installation of stainless steel storage tanks.


First class technical department

We have our own engineering department, at the disposal of each client.

Formed by a team of highly qualified industrial technicians and engineers who work every day to offer the best solution and the one that best suits the needs of customers.

In addition, our teams are highly qualified with training in industrial and technical engineering and have the most advanced design programs and technologies.

Manufacturing on site or in our facilities

It is important to highlight the great capacity of Intranox facilities that allows us to develop large-scale projects in our facilities, without affecting the normal operation of your plant.

This translates into fewer shutdowns and downtime for your company.

In addition, we have a very resolute team with maximum adaptability.

There are many customers who have placed their trust in INTRANOX and many projects that endorse us and attest to our professionalism and commitment to a job wel


Tailor-made and turnkey Industrial Stainless Steel Storage Tanks for your company.

More than 30,000 square meters made for the development and optimal execution of the manufacture of the storage tank, are available to our customers.

This allows us to guarantee the execution of any type of turnkey project and 100% customized to your needs.

This is essential to successfully manufacture large storage tanks, such as the ones you need to keep your production line operating at full capacity.

Why Buy Stainless Steel Storage Tanks?

If you are wondering why you should trust our storage tanks, you should know that we have more than 40 years of experience in sectors similar to yours and we have installed thousands of stainless steel tanks and reservoirs in dozens of turnkey projects.

As you can see, there are many customers who have placed their trust in Intranox, as well as a multitude of reference works that endorse our professionalism and commitment to a job well done.

Intranox, is the leading company in the design, manufacture and assembly of stainless steel storage tanks.

For all this, we are the safe bet if you are looking for stainless steel storage tanks, if you want to expand, reform or equip your production plants.


We are undisputed leaders in stainless steel solutions, we have:

  • Short response times,
  • Maximum responsiveness to any technical challenge
  • And optimization in the management from beginning to end of the whole project.

We make turnkey projects with a single interlocutor for the whole process.

That makes us your ideal partner.

If you need to know anything about how we work, please contact us by phone at 941 220 887 or fill out the contact form

We will be happy to help you with your project. info@intranox.com