Save time and labor with Intranox self-emptying tanks.

Fitting your winery, production plant or warehouse with self-emptying fermentation or storage tanks is a wise choice to improve the operability of your production processes.

Avoid the traditional manual devatting and take advantage of the push of a button to automate 90% of the devatting work. Imagine what you can achieve with these tanks: reduce waiting times, facilitate cleaning and improve the productivity of your plant, while enabling safer working conditions.

If you are looking for a tank with a safe, robust and affordable automatic emptying system. You are in the right place.

We create what you need, always tailor-made:

Meet some of Our Self-emptying Tanks Projects

Technical Specifications of our Tanks

All our self-emptying tanks have similar technical characteristics and different options to adapt to your needs:

  • AISI 304 or 316 grade stainless steel construction.
  • Capacities from 5000 liters to 150.000 liters.
  • Customized diameters.
  • Plate thickness: from 2mm to 10 mm.
  • Standard accessories: "Intranox" cooling jacket, sheath for PT-100 probe, upper manhole of various diameters according to requirements, stainless steel vent valve, rectangular lower manhole with manual or automatic opening, two outlets with NW ball/butterfly valves, thermometer, sampling tap, level ruler, identification plate, pumping tube with dynamic diffuser, bleeding system (grids).


  • Accessories on request: Additional cooling jackets, Various sizes of upper and lower mouths, Various sizes of lower mouths, Cleaning system, Pumping frame, Screw pump, Swirl diffuser, Stairs with fear remover, Height adjustable feet, Lateral stirrer, Walkway support, Specific designs to increase stability and rigidity:
  • Option to incorporate CIP Cleaning System.
  • Option to incorporate OresteO gas management system.
  • Tanks 100% customized according to the needs of our customers.
  • Homologated self-emptying tanks: ASME and UNE EU 97/23 / EC.

The design and equipment of the tank will be finalized after a meeting with our technicians who will present a final project adapted to your needs.

What is a self-emptying tank

A self-emptying tank is a type of tank that allows the automatic emptying of the stored product very easily and almost without the use of manual labor.

They are very popular among wineries because of the convenience of using them as fermentation tanks. They are easy to clean as they allow the devatting of the mash (skins and other solid parts remaining after the alcoholic fermentation process) by gravity.

Intranox self-emptying tanks are custom designed and manufactured, however, all of them have a hydraulic or electric mechanism for emptying, making it much easier to completely remove the remains of the product, saving hundreds of hours for your plant.

This solves to a great extent the problem of the unloading of remains in large and medium-sized companies, since by simply activating a switch it is possible to achieve total emptying without the need for manual labor.

Main Benefits of Intranox Self-Draining Tanks

If you are still thinking about having a self-emptying tank from Intranox, pay close attention to what you can achieve with them:

Labor Cost Reduction

Thanks to these tanks you will see how the time and labor you spend on the stripping process is considerably reduced. Especially if you are in the wine industry. Since our tanks can be equipped with an automatic pumping kit, you will see how one person can handle the entire process alone. This also increases the safety of your employees.

Shorter Discharge Times

Automatic pump-out fermenters are the perfect solution for winemakers in large facilities who struggle with unloading large fermenters. The amount of time saved compared to manually unloading large tanks is unparalleled.

Self-Draining Tanks 100% Tailored to Your Needs

We cater directly to your space and size requirements so all of our tanks are custom made. Among the options to be configured are not only the dimensions and type of stainless steel but also structural elements such as the number of legs, cooling jackets, sizes and number of inlets, cleaning system, pumping frame, helicoidal pump, rotating diffuser, stairs with fear remover, agitators, walkway support, etc...

Advanced Automation Technology

Our technology is simple but effective. Two stainless steel paddles rotate on top of an internal reverse truncated cone and completely empty the fermenter with ease. The paddles are controlled by a bottom-mounted gearbox and motor. The pomace discharge is uniform and gradual throughout the operation. A manhole mounted on the sloped bottom allows the pomace to be discharged directly into a suitable conveyor, container or pump.

Specialists in Custom Self-Draining Tanks

Intranox stainless steel tanks, tanks and vessels are considered by many to be the best tanks available on the market.

Attention to every detail, including polished, smooth and passivated welds, pre-formed dimpled liners (with excellent cooling properties) and excellent appearance make us stand out above the rest.

We understand each tank as a separate project that must be fully studied to provide a tailor-made solution.

That is why we are leaders in the supply of self-emptying tanks for wineries, cider mills and other types of food plants. Because our tanks adapt like a glove to your needs and space requirements.

If there is one thing that makes us stand out, it is our attention to detail.

We pride ourselves on finishing each weld with a hand-polished glossy finish that accentuates the craftsmanship of our tanks.

Why Buy Intranox Self-Draining Tanks?

Hundreds of customers have trusted us to equipped their plants, warehouses and factories with our stainless steel self-emptying tanks.

We have a tradition of more than 3 decades as suppliers of tanks, silos and large tanks for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This makes us one of the leading companies in the sector in Spain.

With more than 30,000 square meters in our own facilities and our own engineering team with the most advanced innovations, we have translated all these attributes to provide the highest quality in the design and finish of our tanks..

Including of course the intranox self-emptying tanks that will allow you to save countless hours in the emptying of your tanks.

Thanks to our wide experience and good service, Intranox tanks are installed all over Spain, France and Portugal.

Hundreds of wineries, cider mills, distilleries, water production plants, olive oil, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry companies trust us.

In Intranox we take care of giving life to your production plant. If you are interested in knowing the details of our self-emptying tanks or any other product you can contact us through the web form or by phone: +34 941 27 02 48.

We will be pleased to help you.

Our brand is synonymous with top quality stainless steel equipment.