To dissolve and mix powders, colorants and additives or to keep your product in suspension and homogeneously mixed, our mixing tanks adapt to what you are looking for.


In Intranox we design, manufacture and assemble agitator tanks with advanced technologies for agitation, scraping and mixing of all types of raw materials.

We adapt our industrial stainless steel tanks to your requirements.

We have tailor-made solutions to equip the vessels with cleaning, heating, cooling and precise control systems inside the tanks to ensure accurate mixing of your ingredients.

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INTRANOX® Mixing Tanks Installed Project Portfolio

Technical Features and Details

These are the technical details of our mixing tanks:

  • Material AISI 304L or 316L certified stainless steel, on surfaces and components in contact with the product.
  • Vertical designs with several bottom options: conical, inclined plane etc...
  • Option of customized cooling/heating jackets with AISI304 stainless steel liners.
  • Sizes and shapes scaled according to URS specifications, in order to suit different space requirements, e.g. control systems, management, stairs and platforms.
  • Operating conditions according to customer needs: atmospheric, ultra-clean and sterile conditions.


Some of the equipment options can be:

  • Open top roof.
  • Portable mixing tank with wheels.
  • Closed tank with sealed agitator, typically a mixing lip seal or mechanical seal: any pressure or vacuum application would be a stainless steel or metal tank.
  • Multi-shaft / multimotion agitation.
  •  Sanitary and/or biopharmaceutical preparation.
  • More sophisticated automated mixing system.

Other necessary design elements can be considered since we create all our industrial mixing tanks to order as long as they are in stainless steel.

What is a Mixing Tank or Agitator?

Mixing tanks or agitators are industrial tanks that are specially designed for the mixing of two or more substances in one or more process steps, but without generating any type of chemical reaction. In the latter case they would be called reactor tanks or reactor tank.

Therefore, they are an indispensable element in many production processes to accelerate production.


They are generally cylindrical in shape and can be batch operated, with recirculation or continuous flow.

Advantages of Intranox Industrial Agitator Tanks

We have extensive experience in the production of all types of stainless steel industrial tanks

Gracias a nuestros ingenieros somos capaces de adaptar cualquier diseño y personalizar todo tipo de tanques para construirlos rápidamente incorporando los accesorios y montajes para tanques de acero inoxidable.

Thanks to our engineers we are able to adapt any design and customize all types of tanks to build them quickly incorporating the accessories and assemblies for stainless steel tanks.

Whether you are looking for an ASME certified chemical mixing tank or any other type of tank, just ask us. We are here not only to get you a great price but to advise you.

With over three decades of designing thousands of chemical mixing tanks with or without agitators for hundreds of different industries, our engineering department can not only build what you need, but can add the value of new innovative solutions from multiple experiences.

In this way, we get you the best ideas and options to improve your plant's mixing tanks.

Why Equip Your Plant with Intranox Mixing Tanks?

Three decades working with stainless steel to manufacture all types of storage and process tanks in industries endorse us as the best possible supplier to equip your company with new mixing tanks.

We have the most advanced construction and welding techniques to guarantee the most reliable finishes in the industry, but above all we put at your disposal a team of technical professionals and engineers who know what they do and work with dedication.

In the Intranox family we put at your disposal 30,000 square meters of facilities. Therefore, we are able to adapt to work with any size and dimensions for your tanks.

If you want more information or knowledge about our chemical tanks, please contact us through the web form or the following phone number: +34 941 27 02 48

We will be glad to help you.