We customized your next Stainless Steel Cider storage Tanks.

Our Stainless Steel Cider Tanks are robustly constructed to withstand the pressure of the carbonation process. We always work to the customer's specifications, so we create your cider tanks according to your needs.

Take a look and find out how we can help you:


Example of Our Installed Stainless Steel Cider Tanks

Intrnox Stainless Steel Cider Tanks Technical Specifications

We create tailor-made tanks that comply with the following technical requirements:

  • Diameters and dimensions according to the customer's specifications.
  • Capacity: from 1.000 liters up to 500.000 liters
  • Stainless steel quality: 304 or 316 steel
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Welding polished and reworked (even removed).
  • Up to 18 bar pressure
  • Thicknesses according to design code: AD Merkblätter, API, CODAP, etc.
  •  ATEX standard
  • Cooling jacket on side wall and bottom cone
  • Vacuum pressure relief valve
  • Flat or conical bottom depending on design.
  • 4-5 legs, depending on tank size, with height adjustable feet.
  • Top or side entry to tank
  • Exterior finish with all tape welds reworked and brushed.
  • nterior finish with all TIG welds reworked and brushed (even removed).
  • ASME certification on request.

Benefits of Intranox Stainless Steel Cider Vessels

Our cider tanks meet the most demanding manufacturing standards available today.

That's why trusting Intranox to equip your plant is a sure bet for success.

In addition, we can proudly Boast the following in our stainless steel cider tanks:


Tanks customized to your needs

From the very first moment we design the specific tank or tanks you are going to need to equip your plant. It doesn't matter if you need a fermentation or storage tank or you are looking for variable capacity tanks. We will tailor all available features and options to meet your request.

Long Life and Durability

Our tanks offer the highest quality standards. That's why they offer the best guarantees against corrosion, extending the life and durability of our products. We only work with food grade stainless steel.

Maximum Food Safety

The high quality of our finishes allows us to deliver stainless steel tanks of exceptional quality: polished surfaces, free of joints in the welding seams and the absence of dead zones. All this ensures that the quality of the tank contents is never compromised.

Making the Most of Available Space

We know that space is limited and adapting to it must be easy and trouble-free. That's why by offering 100% customized solutions we can guarantee that we will make the most of the space in your production plants. Whether the product needs to be indoors or outdoors.

Installation in any place of the Spanish Geography

In addition to having more than 30,000 m2 of our own facilities, we have the capacity to move IN SITU to any point of the national geography to finish installing the tanks, wherever your factory is located.

Custom-made Cider Tanks Specialists

In Intranox we have a long experience in the manufacture of stainless steel tanks and tanks for cider production.

We recognize the particular needs of this industry.

Therefore, we are able to provide from individual equipment to complete systems for cider making.


Our services include the sizing of cider tanks, elaboration of cooling tanks for fermentation and storage of the product, as well as equipment design, professional installation, system testing, technical assistance and follow-up support, etc...

We take care of everything creating a turnkey service so that you just take care of your business.


Why Buy Stainless Steel Cider Tanks?

All the tanks we build at Intranox are fully customized and designed according to each customer's particular specifications.This way we make sure that all your particular filtration, carbonation, storage and fermentation needs are met.For cider fermentation, we offer conical or flat bottom fermentation tanks with fixed or variable capacity. Variable capacity tanks are excellent for cider makers who have varying amounts of product at any given time. The floating lid can be raised or lowered depending on volume. Bottom cone fermentation tanks are designed for complete yeast extraction, the yeast is deposited in the cone and then can be reused in the next fermentation process.

All of our cider tanks withstand the pressure of carbonation processes and are perfect for product storage prior to bottling.


Our tanks can be sealed to ASME code.

There are many and varied reasons to rely on our tanks for your cider factory.

Among them stand out:

  • Three decades providing stainless steel solutions.
  • 30.000 m2 of own facilities to undertake any project.
  • We save you hundreds of hours and time providing profitable and efficient solutions.

But, in addition, we have the best team of professionals. - highly qualified.

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