Long-lasting spiral staircases for safe access to industrial facilities.

Industrial spaces require safe accesses with optimal uncomplicated designs that also allow intensive use and maximum resistance to adverse weather conditions.

If you are looking for a definitive solution for access at height to your warehouses, tanks, or storage facilities, our stainless steel industrial spiral staircases provide the best value for money and a solution adapted to the space available in your factory.

All our industrial staircases are custom-made to fit your space like a glove.


Examples of Intranox Industrial Spiral Staircases

Features and Technical Specifications

The following are the main components of our helical and spiral staircases:

  • Material of flights, treads, stringers, rails and handrails made of 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Stair radius from 600 mm to 1500 mm
  • Revolutions per radius from 14 to 26.
  • Customized height, rungs, rungs dimensions, crosspieces and axles.
  • Left or right turn according to convenience.
  • Optional anti-intrusion cages.
  • Lateral exits at each level.
  • Different configurations of handrails and steps according to demand.
  • Platforms and intermediate stringer
  • Option to mount the spiral staircase on reinforced supports.
  • Exit and descent terminals to be chosen according to the needs indicated.

Prepared for intensive industrial use with resident and reinforced stainless steel finishes.

Design of spiral staircases with stringer available on request with treads and handrails in the same styles and combinations as the spiral staircases.

Stairs can be freestanding or follow the inside or outside of the silo.

Radius, tread width and other data according to customer requirements.


What is a Spiral or Helical Staircase?

Helical or spiral stairways offer a solution where access is restricted and a traditional stairway is not suitable. This is why they are so popular as access solutions inside industrial warehouses or large storage facilities.

As complicated as access at height can be, these types of ladders can always offer a safe, practical and economical solution.

The benefits of the spiral staircase are extensive and can be summarized as follows:


  • Providing efficient access solutions without requiring so much space.
  • Facilitating casualty evacuation and emergency service access
  • Providing greater safety for workers
  • Lighter and more flexible construction by requiring less space at the base regardless of height
  • Can be built at great heights without the need for extra supports
  • High ease of assembly and disassembly of sections.
  • Advantages of Intranox Stainless Steel Helical Ladders

If you are looking to equip your industrial space with safe access for factory personnel, you need a ladder solution that is durable and can withstand the elements.

Intranox offers durable finish options across a variety of manufacturing conditions in our shop.  We create adaptable designs to meet your space constraints and current safety and production regulations.


Working with us will provide you with the following advantages:

Customized Design and Tailored to your Budget.

Our design team works closely with all our customers to create a customized solution to your needs and adjust the budget to your economic constraints without compromising quality and long-term performance.

We create spiral staircases where safety is paramount

Any self-respecting industrial facility must offer and guarantee the best safety systems to provide a safe working environment. That is why one of our concerns is always to ensure that we create structures and access at height as safe as possible in order to avoid unnecessary risk situations.

Made to last a lifetime

The stainless steel we use in the manufacture of our spiral staircases is of the highest quality and corrosion resistance. That's why with our custom staircases you are getting a lifetime solution. This way, no matter where we install the staircase, inside or outside your industrial building, you only have to worry about not buying it with us.


Spiral Industrial Ladders of easy installation

For almost four decades Intranox has designed, produced and delivered stainless steel spiral staircases to industrial customers throughout Spain.

Our metal spiral staircase kits are available in custom-made versions for both indoor and outdoor use.

In addition, we include options with Zancas ladders to fit the diameter of storage structures such as Silos and large stainless steel tanks.

All our designs are tailor-made to your needs and this includes the options of accessories such as: handrails, treads, steps, fasteners etc... that will allow you to combine to customize according to your specific needs and tastes.

We design and build all our sprial stairways according to international and national building codes to strictly comply with current standards and guarantee industrial safety access to our customers.

Offer us efficient access solutions.

Therefore, if you are looking for a manufacturer specialized in spiral staircases for stainless steel structures, Intranox is the solution you need.

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