We offer our customers customized isothermal tanks for the peace of mind of their operations.

Stainless steel isothermal tanks are a widespread solution for the proper storage of any raw material to be used for human consumption. That is why we offer in Intranox customized solutions to improve the equipment of your plant.

Read on and discover what we can do for your company.


Installed Isothermal Storage Projects

Features and Technical Specifications

All our isothermal tanks are configurable and also include the following technical details:

  • AISI 304 or 316 grade stainless steel construction.
  • Capacities from 1000l 5000 liters to 75.000 liters.
  • Customized diameters
  • Thicknesses: from 2 mm to 10 mm thick.
  • Fully polished and passivated welds both internally and externally.
  • Specific designs for increased stability and rigidity: 3 or 4 support legs
  • Stainless steel "Intranox" cooling jackets.
  • Several bottom options: flat bottom with total emptying, flat bottom with inclination, kopper bottom, conical bottom...
  • High density rock wool or polyurethane insulation (sheets, injected...).
  • Fully polished and passivated welds both internally and externally.
  • ATEX compliance
  • Top or side open mouth.
  • Various types of CIP cleaning systems.
  • Thermometer (according to customer requirements).
  • Ladder (according to customer requirements).
  • Liquid level gauge and level controller (according to customer's requirements).
  • Inner jacket through which an antifreeze mixture is circulated which cools the liquid inside the tank without the need for agitation.
  • Thermally insulated man inlet with double door.
  • Stainless steel safety valve.
  • Thermometer from -20 to + 40ºC.
  •  Stainless steel butterfly valve. DIN clear outlet.
  • Stainless steel butterfly valve. DIN cloudy outlet.

All the specifications can be customized and include other specifications according to the customer's requirements, which can be valued in the design of the project. We also supply isothermal tanks with cooling or heating systems and temperature control.


What is an isothermal tank

An isothermal tank is specially designed to keep the raw material at a constant temperature for long periods of time in order to facilitate its correct preservation for later handling.

Generally, this type of tanks are equipped with insulating elements (rock wool and polyurethane) to maintain the temperature for a longer period of time and in a more efficient way.

Additionally, they can be equipped with temperature control systems and cooling chambers through which a cooling/heating liquid flows between the walls to ensure a constant temperature control.

These tanks are in great demand in the food industry due to their great usefulness for the correct preservation of liquids such as milk, juices, alcoholic beverages and other raw materials.


Main Benefits of Intranox Isothermal Tanks

Undoubtedly the main advantage of this type of container is that it allows to keep stored large quantities of a raw material at a constant temperature. This allows the preservation, hygiene and integrity of the stored product in question.

Here are the main benefits of having stainless steel isothermal tanks:


Designed to Maintain Temperature

Whether you store 5000 liters at once or 50,000 liters, with Intranox isothermal tanks you are guaranteed the ideal temperature for any raw material. For this purpose, these units are insulated and equipped with an "Intranox" jacket to cool or heat the contents as required.

100% Customized Isothermal Tanks

All our tanks are designed and equipped according to your needs. This means that neither the space in your factory nor the conditions in it are a problem. Since we will adapt the containers to your production reality and you will be able to keep the internal temperature of the tank stable for more hours.

Built to last

The material we use in all isothermal tanks at Intranox is food grade 304 or 316 stainless steel. The best material to guarantee the integrity of the raw materials and that presents the best finishes to resist the corrosion of the stored products. In addition, our tanks feature quality finishes with perfect surface roughness and polish including flawless welds that prevent seams and ensure tank integrity.

Rockwool / Polyurethane Insulation

In order to improve the performance of our isothermal tanks, we equip all our tanks with the best insulating materials. In this case rock wool, which offers very efficient insulating characteristics. For this purpose we use blankets made of this material with excellent thermal conductivity. It is also possible to use polyurethane blankets.

Why Buy Isothermal Storage Tanks from Intranox?

For more than three decades at Intranox we have been designing, manufacturing, installing and assembling hundreds of isothermal tanks for our customers.

Thanks to this experience we have a great team of professionals who know perfectly the secrets of working with stainless steel and all the technical details of advanced welding.

In addition, we have unparalleled facilities. More than 30,000 m2 and 25 meters high where we can manipulate and create large projects.

This gives us a clear advantage over our competitors.

Therefore, the best hands to elaborate your tanks will always be those of Intranox.

If you need more information about our mobile tanks, please contact our team through the web form or this phone number: +34 941 27 02 48

We will be pleased to help you.