We manufacture fixed ladders with safety cages for secure access to warehouses, silos and tanks at great heights

Safe access at great heights is a priority for our vertical stainless steel ladder systems. In Intranox we take care of the design, manufacture and installation of this type of Fixed vertical ladders according to European standards.

In this way, any style of fixed ladder you need, with wire mesh or lockable safety gates, we can manufacture it.

Take a look at our solutions for safe access and transit areas:

Examples of Intranox Fixed Ladders.

Features and Technical Specifications

The following are the main components of our fixed vertical ladders or cat stairs:

  • 304 or 316 stainless steel flights, rungs, crosspieces, rails and handrails material.
  • Crinolina stainless steel protection cages in custom dimensions.
  • Exit and descent terminals to be chosen according to the needs indicated.
  • Wall brackets and fixed or adjustable wall anchors fastened by welding or rivets.
  • Ladders with hooks, telescopic or fixed.
  • Useful rung width: 400 mm
  • Total ladder width: 450 mm


  • Distance between rungs: 300 mm
  • Maximum distance between arches: 1000 mm
  • Maximum distance between fixing brackets: 2000 mm
  • EXIT HEIGHT: 1680 mm from the last rung
  • Stainless steel intermediate platforms for heights above 10 meters
  • High resistance of materials to corrosion and external agents.
  • 10 years warranty.
  • Optional anti-intrusion doors.
  • Lateral exits

All our ladders are designed for intensive use in the most demanding industrial work environments and strictly comply with European standards.

What is a Fixed Vertical Ladder?

Fixed vertical ladders or Fixed Ladders are a type of ladder widely used in industrial access heights between 3 meters and 60 meters. They are particularly suitable for access to the upper parts of industrial buildings, roofs of houses, silos, vacuum installations, machinery and wherever it is necessary to carry out periodic inspections in complete safety.

They have the advantage of taking up very little space and are an affordable, durable and very safe to operate access system.

That is why they are the dominant solution for all types of overhead storage systems.

Advantages of Intranox Fixed Vertical Ladders

All our fixed ladders have the great advantage of being manufactured in food grade stainless steel, which makes them suitable for food, chemical or pharmaceutical production facilities.

In addition, this material gives them great resistance and durability in the long term, which increases their useful life and safety.

Other great benefits of our Fixed ladders are the ease of installation, the low maintenance they require and the great sense of security they provide to operators in any plant thanks to the fastening systems, the crinolines of dorsal protection.

They are especially useful in areas of difficult access and confined spaces with 100% vertical slope.

Vertical Industrial Ladders of easy installation

We have been building large stainless steel tanks for 30 years. This has forced us to develop an innate instinct for the development of safe access for all types of silos, tanks or industrial tanks.

Among our access solutions, fixed ladders with safety cage are the vertical ladders with the highest demand among our customers because they provide the best safety / cost ratio.

That is why we can say that we are specialists in this type of access.

Since we have not stopped manufacturing and installing this type of ladders to provide safe access to our customers' warehouses, we can boast of having the best portfolio of vertical ladders with safety cages.


We provide an assured design method to meet any regulatory and technical requirements that guarantees safe access to your operators in any circumstances.

Thanks to stainless steel and our team of engineers, we are able to offer superior quality products.

There are many customers who have placed their trust in INTRANOX to purchase their Fixed Ladder.

If you are looking for more information on how we can help you contact us through the form below or call us today at +34 941 27 02 48