Do you store bulk raw materials in the form of granules, liquid or powder inside your production unit? Then you need the stainless steel horizontal silos that we manufacture at Intranox.

When space in height is limited, but you need to store your raw materials close by due to the requirements of your production process, the best option is to opt for a stainless steel silo in horizontal arrangement.

These types of tanks can be configured to be mobile or static and can be adjusted to the appropriate dimensions. But the most important are its considerable advantages in terms of design, space utilization, cost reduction and loading efficiency.

At Intranox we strive to offer you the customized storage solution that best suits your needs.

Below, we explain how we can help you.

Latest Horizontal Silo Projects Installed

Technical Details of Our Horizontal Silos

Because we only work with 304 or 316 stainless steel, all our horizontal silos meet all the storage requirements for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or chemical industry.

In fact, we can certify our tanks with the ASME label.

As for the technical specifications of our silos, these are the most common ones:

  • Customized dimensions.
  • Conical and square shapes as required
  • Storage capacity from 5,000 liters to 90,000 liters.
  • Mechanical extraction system, "walking floor", in the whole base of the silo.
  • Safety pressure lid and access for well maintenance.
  • Safety access ladders, hand rails and walkways.
  • Fixed or mobile supports according to design.
  • Insulation and double jacket for cooling or temperature increase.
  • Built-in CIP cleaning system.
  • Vibratory cone or fluidized bed extraction.
  • Condensation free silos, so the inside walls remain clean.
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use.
  • Extremely smooth walls and seamless construction
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High compressive strength
  • ATEX and CE compliant
  • Earthquake and hurricane resistant

Main Benefits of Intranox Horizontal Silos

We develop customized stainless steel horizontal silos that can be used for multiple storage purposes in different industries. Thanks to this we are able to offer economical solutions, but of high solvency where what always comes first:

  • Space optimization.
  • The durability of the container.
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning.
  • Low friction finishes with smooth walls and seamless welds.
  • Perfect insulation.

Specialists in Customized Horizontal Storage

Our company's philosophy and raison d'être is always advanced custom design to create unique horizontal storage solutions.

That's why all our tanks are designed with your specific requirements in mind. Our engineers will work side by side with your technical staff to advise you at this stage and come up with the specific solution you need, that is the hallmark that sets us apart from the rest.

Uses and Applications

As a general rule, horizontal silos are the perfect solution when your plant space is limited by height.

When this is the case, it is better to opt for a wide rather than a high distribution.

But also, this type of silo is widely used when it is necessary to provide mobility to the stored material making it easier to transport it between plants or when the raw material we work with is especially dense, sticky or contains a high degree of humidity.

For all these cases, horizontal storage is preferable.

Why Trust Intranox

In Intranox we have more than three decades as suppliers of large stainless steel storage systems. We have experience with customers in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries with unbeatable results.

Our facilities are 30,000 square meters and are equipped with the most advanced production technologies that allow us to undertake projects of any size and number with all the guarantees of success.

Moreover, we are accustomed to carrying out projects from start to finish.


We actively participate in the design phase with our engineers, capable of presenting advanced 3D simulations, to ensure that our silos will adapt perfectly to your plant and production process.

We offer you efficient solutions, adapted to your space and of course cost effective.

Call us and make an appointment so we can advise you on your next project.