Resistance, Hygiene and Reliability are the Attributes that will accompany you with our Industrial Stairs Platforms created in high quality stainless steel.

At Intranox, we design, create and install a wide variety of stainless steel industrial ladders. And of course, we also manufacture custom-made platform ladders for our customers. Whether for indoor use, in production plants, warehouses or clean rooms, or outdoors, we adapt all designs individually for each case.

Our stair platforms are perfect for providing safe access to upper and lower levels inside and outside your premises.

Whether you need to connect industrial rooms, storage levels or other buildings, we provide the solution you are looking

Examples of Intranox Stairs Platforms Ladders

Features and Technical Specifications

Among other things our ladders meet the following characteristics:

  • Material of flights, treads, crossbeams, rails and handrails made of 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Height, dimensions of rungs, crosspieces and axles to measure.
  • Solid non-skid platform customizable to the required length and width.
  • High strength industrial grade finishes.
  • High quality handrails with protection systems.
  • Wide base with high stability anti-sway supports.
  • Perforated steps; alternative designs available for custom orders.
  •  Continuous seam welds to create surfaces free of germ-harboring crevices.
  • Special narrow designs adapted to confined spaces
  • Custom sizes and configurations available
  • OSHA certified.

As for the types of deck ladders we supply and customize, you can choose from:

  •   Straight flight ladders
  •  Bifurcated stairs
  •  Quarter turn stairs
  • Half turn stairs
  • Double turn stairs
  • Three-quarter turn stairs

As you can see, we are prepared to provide any type and design of stair platform you need for the interior and exterior of your warehouse, as well as to facilitate access to your tanks and storage tanks.

Of course, we comply with all regulations and legal requirements in Spain and the EU.

What is a Stair Platform or Work Platform

A platform ladder or stairs platforms is a type of access that incorporates a final or intermediate platform as if it were another step. In this way it is possible to join different flights of stairs creating different types of accesses.

It is very important not to confuse this type of access with the scaffolding stairs. They are usually distributed in the form of a vertical tower and have platforms located along the structure.

In Intranox, we provide this type of solutions adapting them 100% to the access you need.

Advantages Associated with Industrial Ladder Work Platforms

Having stainless steel platform industrial stairways provides a number of additional advantages for your factory.

Specifically, they will allow you to:

  • Achieve faster and safer access between levels.
  • Avoid the costs and risks associated with elevators and platform lifts.
  • Obtain improved aesthetics.
  • Save time and money by having a solution superior to concrete and other inert materials.
  • Reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.


  •  To have hygienic surfaces thanks to continuous welding.
  • Facilitate safe access to facilities and machinery that are not easily accessible.
  • Provide flexibility by being easy to relocate and reinstall.
  • Expand options and solutions to configure and adapt to the available space.
  • Ensure the perfect fit to the space available in your plant without the need for structural modifications.

Our strength is to adapt to your space to provide you with the best stair platform solution that guarantee the safety, hygiene and operability of your plant.


Specialists in Custom Stairs Platform

We have the latest technology to advise you in the design, manufacture and installation of access platforms or walkways.

In this way, our technical team will provide you with the necessary 3D simulations and structural stability calculations to meet your requirements and those of the current regulations.

Advising you at all times so that you have the best solution.


Our industrial stairs with platform designs are self-supporting to affect as little as possible to the structure of your building. In this way, our design team will try to minimize the use of external supports trying to guarantee at all times the delivery of continuous welds.

For this, our technical team will always be at your disposal to advise you on what is best for your case.

Why Choose Our Industrial Work Platforms?

Since 1980 we have been building and installing stainless steel silos, tanks and reservoirs along with all types of stainless steel ladders and walkways to provide safe access to the food, wine, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Our world is stainless steel and we provide tailor-made solutions of large dimensions. For this we have premises of 30,000 square meters and 25 meters high. Specially designed to meet the demands of our customers.

This space allows us to manufacture all the components as if they were a single piece and to make the joints using advanced continuous TiG welding techniques to create stairs, platforms and tanks with the necessary structural guarantee.

This is how we guarantee bacteria-free surfaces, easy to clean and capable of providing high resistance to corrosion.

We customize all our systems and stairs platforms to meet your requirements.

The only condition is that they must be made of stainless steel.

Whenever it is necessary to equip a plant, industrial building or silo with food grade steel access, you can count on Intranox to make it possible.

If you need more information, you can contact us using the form below or call us today at +34 941 27 02 48.