We specialize in Vertical Stainless Steel Silos of any dimension

The use of a vertical storage tank or vertical silos is advantageous in terms of design, cost savings, space utilization, sustainability, resistance, utility and hydrostatic load efficiency.

That's why at Intranox we strive every day to create the customized storage solution that best suits your needs.

So that you can better take advantage of all these benefits.


Projects of Installed Vertical Silos

Technical Details of our Vertical Silos

All our silos are made of stainless steel with food grade finish, mainly with AISI 304 or 316 material, perfect to meet the high requirements of the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.

Our natural market and where we have been operating for more than three decades.

As for the technical specifications of our silos, these are the most common ones:

  • Customized dimensions.
  • Storage capacity from 500 liters to 500,000 liters.
  • Environmental dust filters.
  • High or low level alarm indicator.
  • Automated or manual emptying valves.
  • High resistance to compression
  • ATEX and CE compliant if required.
  • Stainless steel safety access ladders with lifeline to increase safety if required.
  • Silo aeration installation to facilitate material flow
  • Conical bottom or inclined flat bottom to ensure complete emptying
  • Heat-shrinked and/or jacketed for cooling or temperature rise
  • Built-in CIP cleaning system.
  • Vibrating cone extraction
  • Condensation free silos, so inside walls remain clean
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Extremely smooth walls and seamless construction
  • Low maintenance costs

Main advantages of Intranox vertical silos

The main distinction with our vertical silos is the optimal use of the space in height together with an optimal management of the raw material both in the filling and emptying operations.

However, there are other good reasons to trust intranox when equipping you with our vertical storage silos. Such as, for example:


Indoor and Outdoor Ready Vertical Silos.

Custom-designed to meet your specific space and application requirements, our vertical stainless steel silos are perfectly suited for indoor or outdoor installation. This way we help you make the most of your existing space while maintaining the highest quality and full customization options.

Always the Best Stainless Steel

We offer the best silos with neutral and sanitary spaces to guarantee the quality and integrity of the stored product. That's why we manufacture all our products only in 304 or 316L stainless steel. This material is corrosion resistant and allows us to safely store almost any product or material while ensuring its hygiene. For added protection against corrosive raw materials, we also manufacture stainless steel tanks with 316L steel on the inside walls. This provides greater protection and chemical resistance.

APEX and ASME certified

We adapt our vertical silos to any storage capacity. We manufacture all vessels to pass ASME certification, so pressurized liquids are safe in our tanks. Therefore, all the vertical silos we manufacture are prepared to hold a wide variety of liquids, granular solids and aggregates. That makes Intranox a leading supplier of tanks and vertical storage systems throughout Spain. Certification is a must for any large storage system.

Customized Features

Our vertical stainless steel tanks are designed and equipped according to your needs. Among these options it is possible to create perfectly insulated equipment with jacket or double wall, to incorporate CIP cleaning systems, or to choose between a conical or inclined flat bottom type. As well as other multiple sensor and load automation elements depending on each plant.

Specialists in Custom Vertical Storage Projects

The philosophy of Intranox since its inception has always been to custom design all our storage solutions in order to meet the specific space and application requirements of our customers.

For this reason, all the vertical silos we build are adapted to customer requirements of specific dimensions and equipment, which allows us to offer a wide variety of external finishing options, optional designs of flat or conical bottom supported on legs, skirt, brackets or any other support system.


Also the incorporation of insulation, double body or jacket, all in stainless steel, or custom-designed structure support to provide a longer structural life and durability to your storage tanks and silos.

It doesn't matter what capacity you need either. We are able to adapt to create tanks from 500 liters to 500,000 liters. We can even equip them with CIP or customized systems.

Whether you install inside or outside your plant, you can always count on Intranox to design the cost-effective solution you need. Even if you are thinking of equipping your silo with some kind of agitation.

Why Trust Intranox to build your Vertical Silos

Since the 80's, we have been designing, manufacturing and assembling all types of vertical silos.

At Intranox, we are a recognized leader in the stainless steel storage industry, providing advanced solutions for pharmaceutical, chemical and food companies.

Our decades of experience in perfecting optimized silos for storing and processing a multitude of products, together with our technical team, extensive facilities of 30,000 square meters to undertake silos of any size, allows us to have the endorsement of a wide range of installed silos perfectly adapted to the plants of our customers.


Our silos can be used to store liquids from bottled water to juice and from corn syrup to milk, or solids such as carbonates to plastic pellets of all kinds.

Our advanced modeling capabilities allow us to review selected attributes before building your silo. This allows us to offer more efficient solutions, adapted to your space and of course cost-effective.

Call us and make an appointment so we can advise you on your next project.