Our customized atmospheric tanks incorporate all the technical features necessary for the storage of raw materials in liquid state.

We manufacture stainless steel atmospheric storage tanks for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

We have nearly 3 decades of experience in this sector and we know how critical this type of installation is for your plant. That's why we always guarantee the best work and quality.

Take a look at our projects to see how we can help you:


Atmospheric Tanks Installed by Intranox

Features and Technical Details

These are the technical details of our atmospheric tanks:

  • Manufactured in AISI 304L or 316L certified stainless steel, according to product requirements, on surfaces and components in contact with the product.
  • Cylinder, roof and bottom insulation (according to needs), with AISI 304 stainless steel linings.
  • Vertical and horizontal designs.
  • Option to place cooling or heating jackets, made to measure, manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Operating conditions according to customer needs: atmospheric conditions, ultra-clean, sterile... (pressurized equipment directive),
  • Specific equipment elements developed as transfer trolleys for autoclave tanks,
  • Division into ATEX zones,
  • Several stainless steel grades, ferrite speed, Ra roughness of 0.2 μm, etc. ...


What is an Atmospheric Tank

The atmospheric tank is a storage tank designed to operate at any pressure between ambient pressure and 0.5 psig. Therefore, they are ideal for storing substances and raw materials in a liquid state.

Therefore, they have the same pressure of the place where they are located.

Advantages of Intranox's Industrial Tanks

We design, manufacture and assemble our atmospheric tanks according to your specifications. In such a way that we take care of every detail to deliver exactly what you need.

This allows us to guarantee the exact dimensions of the tank and comply with all international requirements and certifications.

We only work with 304 or 316 stainless steel because it is a hygienic, resistant and flexible material. This allows us to guarantee environments free of bacterial growth.


We master this material so well that all our tanks are seamless and with perfectly finished welding points, which eliminates the chemical attack points and vulnerabilities of other construction systems.

Our tanks will provide you with the following advantages: buckling and leak free tanks, high corrosion resistance and durability, low costs, high structural safety.


Why equip your plant with Intranox Atmospheric Tanks?

At Intranox we take care of manufacturing your atmospheric tank from start to finish.

All our projects are conceived in a unique and personal way. From the very beginning to the end, we will propose a design according to your specific needs by our engineers, and then we take care of the final assembly, coordinating every single detail with your engineering or technical team.

We know how important it is for you that everything is done according to the regulations and that each tank complies with the international requirements.

That is why we can incorporate the ASME stamp on our tanks.

In addition we incorporate the most advanced welding techniques to guarantee the structural integrity of our tanks, we have the necessary infrastructure and equipment to produce large tanks in stainless steel.

Space is not a problem for us.

We have 30,000 square meters of facilities. A perfect space to tackle large-scale projects. Something that sets us apart from our competitors.

Thanks to this and a highly professionalized team (engineers, technicians, etc...) we are able to provide companies like yours with the highest quality equipment that allows them to produce the best products.

If you want more information or knowledge about our chemical tanks, please contact us through the web form or the following phone number: +34 941 27 02 48.

We will be pleased to help you.