INTRANOX develops an innovative project for the healthcare sector

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - 12:05

Intranox desarrolla un innovador proyecto para el sector sanitario

INTRANOX confirms its commitment to the most advanced technology with the recent development of a project for the storage of plastic pellets. It responds to our philosophy of always betting on a job well done and giving the best and most profitable solutions to our clients. On this occasion, we present a project that breathes from beginning to end of philosophy and the 'INTRANOX Model'

The client, a plant that is the economic engine of his province, manufactures sanitary material and has recently made a very important investment that exceeds 50 million euros in the expansion of its facilities. For this specific project he needed the development of 3 silos, work for which he has relied on INTRANOX.

With the extension of the plant, the company intends to increase its productive capacity of a specific product. Currently, it has 4 manufacturing lines, which will be 6 with this extension.

From the first moment, the INTRANOX team got down to work. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of our engineers, a project tailored to our client has been developed: a totally customized work that perfectly satisfies the needs that plated us from the beginning.

“Intranox, fully customized deposits for the needs of our customers”

After the exhaustive studies and their corresponding 3D design, with the most avant-garde delineation programs in the sector, they proceeded to its development in the workshop. In this case, there are 3 compartmented silos for the storage of plastic pellets:

  • A first stainless steel silo with double compartment and a cat ladder resting on the structure. The dimensions are 4,400mm with a total height of 20,000 mm. The capacity of this silo in particular is 220 m3.
  • A second stainless steel silo with 4 compartments that, on this occasion, is supported on structure. Its dimension in particular for this silo ends at 4,400mm with a total height of 22,000 mm and a capacity of 220 m3.
  • A third silo in stainless steel, also double compartment supported this time on skirt. The dimension of this third silo is 4,400mm and a height of 20,000 m3.

Intranox desarrolla un innovador proyecto para el sector sanitario


In INTRANOX we have more than 30,000m2 of facilities that allow us to work on different projects at the same time, with all the guarantees of the 'INTRANOX Model' and with many facilities provided by working in large facilities. The fact of having this surface facilitates a lot of the management and development of the day to day in the workshop.

“The Intranox facilities extend over an area of more than 30,000 m2, and at the height of 25 meters, which makes it much easier to manufacture tanks”

Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals, with proven experience in the manufacture of stainless steel tanks and storage of all types of substances. At the same time, our personnel is constantly updated in the most innovative techniques in welding offered by the market, as well as in the newest means of production. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality, endowing all our works with the guarantees of the 'INTRANOX Model'.

Our performance goes beyond manufacturing, since we take care of the entire installation of the silos, of their assembly, as well as all their additional accessories necessary for the installation of the project to be a success.

Intranox develops an innovative project for the healthcare sector

For this client of the sanitary sector, manufacture and assembly of communication between the silos was required, as well as the supply and installation of weighing control equipment of the silos. On this occasion, I have again opted for INTRANOX. This type of decision makes us proud to be part of this great team and we work and approach each project with the same motivation and enthusiasm of the first day.

“INTRANOX, our satisfied customers, are our best letter of introduction”